Sport Stacking was introduced in Malaysia since 2009, promoting sport stacking in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. The objective is to allowed more children to have opportunity in participating the sport of cups stacking.
J & J Stacking Club and its sports team were established in 2012, this is to allow those outstanding students to attend competition and exchange experience in overseas.
Currently, Jacky Chin is the Chairman of International Sport Stacking Federation (ISSF) Malaysia. ISSF is a NGO body from Germany. Besides, Jacky Chin is also a Chairman of Persatuan Sukan Stacking Kuala Lumpur and a Consultant of Persatuan Sukan Stacking Negeri Selangor.
Penang also joining their sport stacking team to promote the Sport in Penang state this year.
Jacky Chin was also received countless medals and top 5 in sport stacking competition in German, Taiwan, Thailand, China, etc.
Our team has trained more than 1000 students at various primary school, secondary school, other private centres including international schools in the few years.
Currently, We is offering train the trainer programme to public and hope to have more children benefits from sports stacking.

Benefit of Sport Stacking

1) Hand and Eye coordination.                   5) Academics.
2) Left & Right Brain Activation.                6) Self Esteem
3) Bilateral Coordination.                             7) Body and Brain Connection
4) Fitness.                                                       8) Brain Building


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